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Record Label and Music Artist Toolbar  v.2.0

Singers, Musicians and Artists meet Record Labels, Music Managers and Scouts. New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers. We are on the web at

Record Collection  v.

Record Collection has the facilities to organize your record database with ease, allowing you to monitor and control your collection. Give Record Collection a try to see how easy it can be to organize and manage all your collections from a single

Random Record Chooser  v.2.5.1

Random Record Chooser or RRC, for short is a Java-based application that chooses a record randomly from the CATraxx database. You can determine the meantime between listening sessions of a record. if you use the Last Played field. The program can

Any Audio Record  v.

Record audio data from any input (sound card, microphone, etc.) with Soft4Boost Any Audio Record. Save recorded files in such popular formats as MP3, WMA and WAV. The program friendly interface makes your work easy and convenient.

PCWin Speaker Record (Vista/7)  v.

PCWin Speaker Record for Windows 7 and Vista - records everything you hear from your speakers.

Teroid ASP Record Selector  v.1.0

Teroid ASP Record Selector is an ASP .NET control listing data from a column of an ADO .NET source, enabling users to select a record. When the users clicks a link an event is raised which can be used to open a page containing the whole record.

Computer Parts Record Keeper  v.1.31

With this program, you can keep all the records of your loose computer parts. You can add your own category, write all the records you want for a part, and it keeps it all organized for you. All you have to do to find a record is type in the category

Easy HR Random Record Finder  v.1.04

Use this utility to select a random record in a text file. Select the text file to search, and press go. Your random record will be quickly generated. The software also logs all parameters to a log file for audit purposes. Easy HR Random Record

GDB record patch  v.0.1.5

Make GDB can record a log of the process execution, and replay it with both forward and reverse execute commands. It's in GDB main trunk now. To get more message:

MCD Java Dataase Record Manager  v.b

MCDb is a database record manager written in Java with indexing, locking, etc. MCDb is a library built to be used by other programs to manage small data sets of program settings,

Motorola S-record conversion tool  v.0.1

This utility converts Motorola S-record files (namely .S19 files) to binary files and vice-versa. It has several useful features that allow full manipulation of record addressing and output file

MyOSCAR - Personal Health Record  v.1.0

MyOscar is a personal health record system. This project contains both the data storage server as well as a client / patient UI for accessing the data. Other data access clients can be / have been written, the Oscar EMR is one such client. The

Quality Health Record  v.1.1

Quality Health Record is a product initially developed by YourDoctorProgram. It is further improved by HealthQuilt Lab and distributed under GNU-GPL. For training, development & integration into other EMRs, contact

Record Manager  v.

A game simulating the work of a record company's

MCDb Java Database Record Manager  v.b

MCDb is a database record manager written in Java with indexing, locking, etc. MCDb is a library built to be used by other programs to manage small data sets of program settings, etc.

Record-Based Flat File JDBC Driver  v.1.0

RBFF is a JDBC driver for being able to easily view and execute simple select SQL queries against a record-based flat file (such as EDI files, or other proprietary legacy files)

Record Flight Params for FB  v.1.0

With RecordFlightParams you can watch, record and compare all flight parameters of your favourite plane. Using charts you can find optimal configuration to perform desired maneuver. Program is working with Forgotten Battles over DeviceLink.

Ultimate EMR (Electronic Medical Record)  v.2.0.1

A feature rich Open Source Core Electronic Medical Record for small medical providers developed with Plone/ Python/ Zope. Core EMR functionalities: Patient History, Past Visits, Rx, Health Maint., Allergies, Labs, Vitals, Notes, and Procedures. AKA EHR

Cerebrum - Electronic Health Record  v.1.0

Cerebrum intends to be a state of the art web 2.0 Electronic health record management solution.

Off-the-Record Messaging  v.1.0

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by providing encryption, authentication, deniability, and perfect forward secrecy.

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